Case Study: Integrated Machine Learning Use Cases

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Case Study: Integrated Machine Learning Use Cases.

Case Study: Gore Mutual Insurance

Case Study: Earnix for Deposit Rate Optimization

Case Study: US Indirect Auto Financing

Case Study: A Large European Bank leverages Earnix to meet customer and market expectations .

Case Study: Real Time Pricing Integration to Digital Channels

Case Study: European Agency Model Pricing and Regulation Management

Case Study: Real Time Risk and Demand Modeling

Case Study: European Motor Vehicle Insurance Pricing Strategy Alignment

Case Study: Multi Channel Home Insurance

Case Study: Electric Insurance – Energizing Traditional Auto Insurance

Case Study: Auto Insurance New Business and Renewal

Case Study: Speeding Personal Lines Price Changes to the Marketplace

Case Study: US Multi-state Auto Insurance Portfolio Growth

Case Studies.

With the rapid ROI provided by Cubiscan products


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Case Studies.
Over the past thirty years, we’ve worked with thousands of companies all over the world.
Our customer relationships often grow into life-long partnership s.
With the rapid ROI provided by Cubiscan products, our systems quickly become part and parcel of customers operations.

Below are a few select examples of how a Cubiscan has helped these customers

CS 100 Hoffmaster Inc .
SPS Orthotics and Prosthetics.
Pearson Education .
Honor Foods.

TalarMade Ltd – Strong and Steady

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CS 110 John Day Company .
Big Bike Parts.
Foster’s Food Fair.
Show All.
CS 125 Haddad Brands .
Long Motor Corp.

The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company

Maurice Sporting Goods .
Intermountain Healthcare .
Show All.
CS 150 Vickerman Company .
Deckers Outdoor Corporation.
Howard Miller.
Sugar Foods Corporation.
Hardware Distributors Limited.
Show All.
CS 325 Honey Can Do.
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CS 75 Elkhart Products.
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In-motion Systems Trommer & Associates.
USA Fulfillment.
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