Battlefield 1 Steel Book Edition

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The Battlefield 4 Announcements section is packed full of interesting information and game news this includes Battlefield 4 game mode information, beta news and all the latest hot gossip.
Battlefield 1 Steel Book Edition.
18th October 2016.
DICE have partnered up with SteelBook ( to bring you an awesome Battlefield 1 Steel Book Edition.
You can check out some images in this thread.

Get behind the trenches in the SteelBook® edition of Battlefield 1

Spot gloss is used to create the dramatic effect from the sparks seen in the artwork.

Battlefield™ 1… Read more Battlefield 4 Virgo Community Zodiac Mission

19th August 2015.
It is once again time to do your part soldiers.
In this all new Battlefield 4 community mission your job is to Jump into any Battlefield 4 multiplayer mode and map and score 20 Kills with any Personal Defense Weapon.
It doesn’t matter if you’re a master of the PDW, .

Or if it’s your… Read more Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment – Xbox One

1st July 2015.
Well many of you will now be glad to hear “Xbox One” users can now participate in the Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment and having played it on PC i can say it is pretty awesome trying out the new stuff before it is officially released.
The Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment (CTE) on PC… Read more Battlefield 4 Zodiac Mission – Cancer.
1st July 2015.

Another Battlefield 4 Zodiac mission has hit battlelog

This Zodiac Cancer mission involves you having to score 5 kills from boats on any game mode or map in Battlefield 4.
This mission is active between July 1, 9AM PT and July 6, 2AM PT.
This one ain’t for the landlubbers.

In a brand new Zodiac… Read more Battlefield 4 Gun Master Community Mission

4th June 2015.
Are you ready to lock and load.
If so get ready for another Battlefield 4 community mission and this time it is on the all new Battlefield 4 Gun Master Mode.
So get your boots shined and get ready for combat.
As you may know, the Gun Master game mode is now part of Battlefield… Read more Page 1 of 7 2 3 7 Next » Older posts.
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