HARDKOUR is a Parkour runner where you play ahead of time

Posted on December 6, .

2014 by • 1 Comment Graphics – 8/10

Replay Value – 8/10.
Originality – 9/10.
8.3/10 4.5 ( votes) Sending.
Free To Play (Android & IOS).
Unnecessary Intro Every Retry.
App description.
HARDKOUR is a Parkour runner where you play ahead of time, put your moves in before you get to the direction cubes by tapping the left or right side of the screen. The more moves you put it ahead of time, the faster your player runs giving you a faster better score.
If you have a great memory and quick reflexes, you are gonna love this.
Simple graphics with a retro-cyber touch, .

Reminding of TRON-like glowing effects

Dead-easy controls, tap in the direction the arrows guide you to and your character will follow.

Test your memory as HARDKOUR allows you to add moves in advance and the more you add

the faster your player will run.

Play HARDKOUR continuously for as long as your memory and reflexes let you

as the game ends only when you hit a wall or fall in the gap.
HARDKOUR by default has powerful contrast graphics (glowing green on black) but you can change the theme to choose Red, Blue or even Pink.
Download HARDKOUR.
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