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We are proud that our series of banking conferences started 20 years ago and since then it has become one of the largest banking events in the region.
Many thanks to all of you who have been a part of our successful past and we invite you to be part of our future.
DUE TO THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC THE CONFERENCE HAS BEEN POSTPONED TO 17 NOVEMBER 2020 LATEST NEWS Read more for the 40th Jubilee BACEE Conference Read more BACEE events to come Read more Former BACEE Conferences Read more Conference update – Message from the conference organiser, BACEE.
The health and safety of the conference participants is our top priority.
Given the growing concerns around the coronavirus, to our great regret, .

We had to postpone the 40th BACEE Jubilee Banking Conference

The new date of the conference: 17 November 2020.
Message from the conference organiser, .

BACEE The health and safety of conference participants is our

About BACEE.
BACEE was founded with the goal of promoting business relations of its member banks with financial institutions of Central and Eastern Europe.

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Sales Central

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Sales Central 2019-01-16T14:29:32-05:00 Sales Central

Sales representatives have always been the ultimate road warriors.
Even today, in the age of telecommuting and video conferencing, sales representatives understand the value of face-to-face meetings with their customers and prospects.
Until three years ago, sales representatives were using laptops as their weapon of choice to carry critical customer and product information.
They were known as spreadsheet warriors, .

Wielding powerful analytics and “Excel-Fu” to drive sales and manage forecast

These days however, the sales warrior has become even more nimble, trading in the onerous laptop for the ultimate mobility of the iPad.
Arkieva now serves the needs of this ultimate road warrior with the release of the Arkieva Sales Central mobile application, an innovative development that allows the sales representatives to manage customer forecast while on-the-go.

Sales Central has a powerful visual interface to manage and enter forecast

The application works online and offline so forecast can be entered at any location.

Sales Central ensures forecast is constantly saved back to the ERP or planning system

Built in data security guarantees all accounts are protected from outside users.
With the ability to run powerful analytics, trends and patterns are now visible.

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