Battlefield Hardline Criminal Activity For Free

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Battlefield Hardline Battlefield Hardline

Battlefield Hardline has all the strategy and chaos of classic Battlefield warfare with a cops vs.
criminals twist.
Choose a class and engage in massive 64- or 32-player battles.
Play how you want: snipe from afar, or grab a submachine gun to get up close and personal.
Keep your team tactics tight and you might just survive to fight another day.
Battlefield Hardline Criminal Activity For Free.
26th July 2016.
From July 26 to August 2, .

You can grab Battlefield Hardline Criminal Activity for free

Take down anyone who gets in your way in four new maps, .

And try out the new Bounty Hunter game mode

But don’t delay, because you only have until August 2 to make it out with this bounty.

Go on… Read more Battlefield Hardline Betrayal Now Free

5th July 2016.
From July 5 to July 12.

You can get Battlefield Hardline Betrayal for free from Xbox Live

PlayStation Network and Origin.
Watch your back, because these maps are filled with shadowy corners for your enemies to hide in.

Four Devious Maps Downed airplanes full of ill-gotten gains

Ramshackle prison cells on Alcatraz Island

Dark cemeteries… Read more Free Battlefield Hardline Getaway

5th June 2016.
Free Battlefield Hardline Getaway – If you did not know already and own Battlefield Hardline you can download one of it’s expansions (Getaway) for free… Yes for free!.
Be aware the Free Battlefield Hardline Getaway expansion is only avalaible until June 7th 2016, so what are you waiting for.
Get moving soldiers.

Four Massive Maps… Read more Battlefield Hardline Building Alcatraz

1st March 2016.

Battlefield Hardline Building Alcatraz ”Concept to Completion”

this map holds lot’s of extras such as cell doors slamming shut, locking friends or foes inside cells, a few Easter eggs and if you look close the prisoner portraits in the cell block are actual dev team members.
Battlefield Hardline Betrayal releases on March 1 for Premium… Read more Battlefield Hardline Betrayal Map List.
26th February 2016.
The Battlefield Hardline Betrayal Map Expansion will be available to Premium members this coming March and will contain four new maps such as, Alcatraz, Cemetery, Chinatown and Thin Ice.
Follow the Battlefield Hardline Betrayal Map List Information thread to view images and a video of the upcoming maps.
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