Barry has worked in the JD Edwards marketplace since 1992

Meet The Team.
Our Team.

Barry Burke, Managing Director and Owner

Barry has worked in the JD Edwards marketplace since 1992, .

When he was one of an early cohort employed by JD Edwards UK

Whilst at JD Edwards, Barry held senior technical consulting and management roles including a year spent at Denver HQ.
Barry, a keen innovator, .

Was determined to bring something different to the JD Edwards customer community

As a result, .

He co-founded DWS in 1998 and has not looked back since

Barry successfully completed the Business Growth Programme at Cranfield School of Management, he has a strong technical background and holds a diploma in Software Engineering from Limerick Institute of Technology.
Barry is a bit of a sports nut (mostly watching) and follows most types of sport.
He has been known to even enjoy listening to golf on the radio – much to the bemusement of his wife.

Dave Harrison, Technical Architect & Owner

Dave has worked in the IT industry for over 35 years; 24 of those years have been spent working with JD Edwards products.
Dave is a Systems Design expert and helps customers to break down complex requirements to build elegant and robust solutions to their ERP challenges.
He specializes in JD Edwards interoperability tools and techniques and Fusion Middleware technologies such as JDeveloper, Java, Business Services/Web Services and Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF).

Dave holds a BSc in Mathematics and is a very keen cook

He is also a bit of a wine connoisseur and knows his Merlot from his Malvar.
Zayne Julius,  Service Delivery Director.

Zayne has worked with the JD Edwards product suite since the late 1980’s

He started out his working life with one of the big 5 consultancies in South Africa before coming over to settle in the UK, where he worked directly for JD Edwards UK and then subsequently went on to help start DWS.
Zayne has managed some very large EnterpriseOne projects and has overall responsibility for Quality Control at DWS.
He holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Cape Town and is a keen amateur golfer.
He tries to avoid bunkers where possible and likes nothing more than testing out his skills on new courses.
Just don’t mention “the yips”.
Lee Balsom, Product Strategy Director.
Lee has worked in IT for 26 years, 22 with JD Edwards.

Starting as a developer for JD Edwards in his native New Zealand

in ’95 Lee was the sole representative of NZ to work in Denver helping to convert world code to EnterpriseOne, or Everest as it was code-named in those days.
Several of the key objects currently in use in EnterpriseOne were originally created by Lee.
After several years of travelling to ‘spread the word’ and train colleagues in EnterpriseOne development, Lee moved to the UK joining DWS in 1999 where he has worked in a variety of roles and countries.
Currently responsible for Product Strategy, Lee has overseen the creation of DWS’s Dimension™ series of products and services and has supported customers around the world, helping them plan, .

Execute and manage their EnterpriseOne upgrades

Now residing back in New Zealand, Lee enjoys spending time with his family, fishing and tinkering with his Massey Ferguson (which he has promised never to roll again).
Dominic Bowker, Technology Manager.
Dominic has been working in the ERP Software Industry since graduating from the University of Bath with a BSc in Electronic & Communications Engineering in 1997.

He joined DWS in 2002 and manages the Technology and Infrastructure team

Dom is a technical all-rounder specializing in JD Edwards infrastructure upgrades and architecture.
Over the years, he has accumulated many industry certifications and professional qualifications from Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, VMWARE and is currently working towards ITIL Expert.
He has recently been working with Oracle to beta test the latest release of JD Edwards software.
Dom is passionate about music, he enjoys tinkering with his Hi-Fi and plays several instruments.
Patrick Neary, Business Development Director.
Patrick has more than thirty-five years’ experience in the enterprise applications software industry.  He has designed, developed, implemented and sold a number of different solutions.
After completing his MBA, Patrick moved from the US to the UK in 1988.  He worked for JD Edwards’ first business partner in Europe and then joined JD Edwards in France in 1991.

Patrick held a variety of roles at JD Edwards including consultant

trainer, mentor, project manager, program manager, client manager, sales and business development.  Patrick also sold and did business development work for PeopleSoft, Oracle, IBM, Rolls Royce and Elemica before joining DWS.
Our team is always expanding – if you’re interested in a career at DWS then click here to view our current opportunities.
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Dragons of Legend: The Complete Series

Dragons of Legend: The Complete Series.
Accessory Pre-Orders.
Dragons of Legend: The Complete Series.
Accessory Pre-Orders.
/ Yugioh Single Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight (Purple) [DLCS-EN006].
translation missing: translation missing: Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight (Purple) [DLCS-EN006 ].
Out Of Stock!.
We will notify you when this product becomes available.
Available on: Regular price $9.10 2 in stock   – + Near Mint 1st Edition – $9.10 Lightly Played 1st Edition – Sold Out Add to Cart Show out of Stock Non Foil NM 1st Edition.
Set: Dragons of Legend: The Complete Series Type: Fusion/Effect Monster Rarity: Ultra rare Attack: 2600 Defense: 1700 “Dark Magician Girl” + 1 Dragon monster Must be Fusion Summoned with the above Fusion Materials or with “The Eye of Timaeus”.

Once per turn (Quick Effect): You can send 1 card from your hand to the GY

then target 1 face-up card on the field; destroy that target.
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Lightly Played 1st Edition – $912.20 View this Product Lightning Storm (Prismatic) [IGAS-EN067 Prismatic Secret Rare] $912.20 Lightning Storm (Prismatic) [IGAS-EN067 Prismatic Secret Rare] Near Mint 1st Edition – $499.60 View this Product Ghost Mourner & Moonlit Chill (Starlight Rare) [ETCO-EN036 Starlight Rare] $499.60.

An advanced Cloud Web Server Land Records Management System


Menu Product

Land Records Management .
L and R ecords M anagement S ystem.
An advanced Cloud Web Server Land Records Management System , LRMS , that provides a method to easily record, index, store, and retrieve land records.
All records are converted via OCR into a full text searchable archive which provides an additional method of search and retrieval functionality.

Download ProntoREC Flyer Watch ProntoREC Inquiry Video Tutorial

Property Tax Management .
PTM Property Tax Management .
A proven, integrated software solution that provides the ability to manage all aspects of a local governments real property, business personal, and mobile home property tax assessment, billing, and collections .
Document Management .
Pronto DMS.
D ocument M anagement S ystem.

FULL TEXT SEARCHABLE anywhere Browser Access to documents

media, and spreadsheets electronically stored on a Secure Cloud Server.   ProntoDMS automatically performs an OCR Optical Character Recognition of uploaded documents and converts them to a readable, printable, and Searchable PDF .  NEVER LOSE A DOCUMENT.
Custom Implementation s are provided depending upon the specific industry and departmental needs of an organization.  ProntoPAPERLESS is Possible.  Download ProntoDMS Flyer.
Payroll, Time & Attendance, Time Clock.
An intelligent touch screen Time Clock and Mobile Punch solution programmed with advanced employee time and attendance applications that eliminate manual paper time sheets and improve management control.
Download ProntoTIME Flyer .
Court Management.
An advanced Cloud Web Server application that provides a method for Courts to easily manage all court related processing, accounting, and document management functions.
A paperless environment is available via the use of automatic indexing via bar codes.

Download ProntoCOURT FlyerProntoCOURT Tutorial – (password required)

IBM iSeries Cloud Hosting.
Pronto CLOUD.
An IBM iSeries Server Environment running the most current version of the iSeries Operation System hosted in a Secure Data Center.
Download ProntoCLOUD Flyer.
IBM iSeries Server Backup.
Pronto BACK.
An automated cloud backup service that securely and reliably saves all IBM iSeries Server information to a Secure Data Center.
Download ProntoBACK Flyer.

LEARN Classroom and Remote Training

Classroom instruction provided at our corporate headquarters in Clinton

Our facility provides seating for 16 students in a setting free from work interruptions along with the ability to personally interact with industry peers and DSM personnel.
The class can be remotely attended.

LOCATION: 1505 Clinton Business Park Drive

Clinton, MS 39056 TIME: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM LUNCH will be served COST: $250 per attendee ; $175 per additional attendees $175 per remote attendee SCHEDULE: Download ProntoLEARN Flyer.
Send to Email Address Your Name Your Email Address Post to Cancel.

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Why Your Kids Might be Experiencing a Digital Hangover

for parents.
Want to ditch your techno guilt and take the guesswork out of raising young kids in a digital age ?.
My blog posts below will help to eradicate your digital dilemmas.
Why Your Kids Might be Experiencing a Digital Hangover.
Why it’s hard for kids & teens to focus online.
Why your kids are exhausted after online learning .
Lower the bar- why it’s okay to ditch your screen-time rules right now.
How to work remotely and keep your sanity in tact as a parent.
Are smartphones and social media to blame for teen mental health crisis.
Why your kids don’t need a #screenfree summer.
No, your son isn’t ‘addicted’ to gaming.
When is the ‘right’ age to give kids a smartphone.
Next ».
Want to stop worrying about your child or teen’s tech habits.
If you have no idea whether your child’s technology habits are totally reasonable or bordering on problematic, .

You need the Digital Wellbeing Checklist


Common Acer Predator 17 G9-792 problems how to fix them :

You are here : » Laptop Drivers » Acer Drivers » Acer Predator 17 G9-792 Laptop Drivers Download For Windows 10 Acer Predator 17 G9-792 Laptop Drivers Download For Windows 10.

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Acer Predator 17 G9-792 Drivers For Windows 10 64bit and 32bit Free Download :

Resolve Driver Issues By Downloading Latest Acer Predator 17 G9-792 Drivers For Windows

Do you require added system functionality and capability of your driver related problems.
Then buy the older laptop or Formatted PC and download Acer Predator 17 G9-792 laptop driver to make it work effectively.

Download and install Acer predator 17  the latest touchpad

fingerprint, USB port, sound, graphic drivers from Acer for a better computing experience on your Acer Predator G9-792 Notebook.

Theses Acer predator drivers are compatible with Windows 10 Operating Systems

These Acer predator laptop drivers exhibit such abilities which allows users to play video files and makes it possible for them to capture HD quality pictures using video, camera, and display drivers.
With a single touch, you can navigate from one folder to another with touchpad driver.
Fingerprint driver offers an extra protection against theft of pivotal files and data.
Common Acer Predator 17 G9-792 problems how to fix them :.
There are many common issues that are faced by laptop in day to day life.
You can fix them easily by downloading and installing Acer predator g9-792 driver on your laptop.
By this.

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camera, display, Bluetooth, touch, video not working problems will get solved in a pinch of time.
The installation of theses Acer predator drivers provides your systems with an optimal sound optimization, new and enhanced capabilities that delivers a rich camera and display experience when capturing a picture.
The updated drivers Acer predator will ensure that there is no more internet connection as well as file sending issues.
Users can watch videos with an improved manner using the latest video drivers in their laptop.
2016-05-25 clouddriver Acer Aspire ES1-512 Laptop Drivers.

Acer Aspire 5520 Laptop Drivers Download For Windows 8

Acer Ferrari 400 Laptop Drivers Download For Windows 7

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DRINK WHEN… Lara Jean narrates

Valentine’s Day Drinking Games for 10 Romantic Films

By DrinkWhen | Feb 14, 2020 | Blog, Featured | 0 comments Grab a date, a friend, .

Or your cat for these Valentine’s Day Drinking Games

Whether you’re celebrating with your partner, your cat, or just yourself, we’ve got the secret to a great (if not memorable) holiday: Valentine’s Day Drinking Games .
Not Valentine’s Day.
With these games, you can celebrate romance throughout the year.
We won’t tell.
Because what’s a better way to appreciate y our partner than by staring at a screen filled with two better-looking people with a more romantic love story.
But if that backfires and leaves you feeling like your love life is empty, remember that there’s alcohol.
So sit back with your favourite person (and/or favourite drink) and travel back to a time when Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams were still in love.

Cheers! ❤️ Scroll through our list of 10 Valentine’s Day Drinking Games

You can view our full list of romantic drinking game s under the Romance tab.
DRINK WHEN… There’s narration.
There’s a shot of the water.
You see the house.
Full game available here.
DRINK WHEN… Lara Jean narrates.
You see a letter.
A month passes.
Full game available here.

DRINK WHEN… Anyone says “Jazz”

A song begins.
There’s a shot of the sky.
Full game available here.

DRINK WHEN… You see the picture

A dog is walked or pet.
There’s a make-out or sex scene.
Full game available here.


DRINK WHEN… You see a rose.
A song begins.
You see the castle.
Full game available here.

DRINK WHEN… Anyone drinks or smokes

Anyone is writing a song.
A popular band name is said.
Full game available here.

DRINK WHEN… Anyone references Titanic’s grandeur / unsinkability

You see the full exterior of the ship.
You see the Heart of the Ocean .
Full game available here.


DRINK WHEN… Anyone says “Singapore”

Anyone makes or eats food.
Rachel and Nick kiss.
Full game available here.
DRINK WHEN… They ride bikes.
Elio plays music.
You see Apricots or juice.
Full game available here.

DRINK WHEN… Ana bites her lip or pencil

Someone takes their shirt off.
There’s a scene in an elevator.
Full game available here.
Pin this page.
Enjoy drinking games.
Check out these collections:.
13 of the Best Drinking Games For Two A 6-Pack of Movie Drinking Games Featuring Shirtless Zac Efron Recent Posts.

10 Pandemic Movie Drinking Games to Get You Through Quarantine

Valentine’s Day Drinking Games for 10 Romantic Films.
Drinking Games for 2020 Oscar Nominations.
A Drinking Game For Every Episode of Star Wars.
Drinking Games for 2019 Oscar Nominations.
You have Subscribed “Nobody exists on purpose.
Nobody belongs anywhere.
Everybody’s gonna die.
Now come watch TV.” – Morty.

Digital Environmental Registry – DER

Digital Environment al Registry – DER.
Digital Environmental Registry is an operational permitting tool developed for the Greek Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change.
DER optimizes the environment al permitting processes by transforming the current licensing status in a fully digital process and workflow-based platform.
DER enables the electronic submission of environmental impact assessments via web interface, as well as the monitoring of the process in order to issue, amend or renew the decisions on environmental conditions in implementation of Greece’s Law 4014/2011.

Directions / Link to event 07

Wire rope Applications .
Contact DE Wire ropes move Wire ropes forward Wire ropes protect Wire ropes inspire Wire ropes transport Wire ropes connect Wire ropes shine Wire ropes lift Welcome to Drahtseil-Vereinigung e.
– the effective network ensures your competitive advantage in the wire rope market.
The Drahtseil-Vereinigung e.
is an influential association that has been committed to represent the economic and technical interests of its members from the German-speaking wire rope industry in important national and international committees for more than six decades.
The Drahtseil-Vereinigung e.
provides its members with up-to-date association statistics and market information , accelerates the internal know-how transfer, thus enabling a critical competitive advantage.
The leading knowledge edge in evaluating market development s and new markets enables decision makers to dynamically adapt their own company’s market position, strengthening and extending their own condition.
On November 26, 2019, the General Assembly decided, to terminate the Association up to the end of December 31, 2019.

Representation of Wire Rope Producers interests will be taken over by EWRIS e

V., the European Association .
On November 26, 2019, the General Assembly decided, to terminate the Association up to the end of December 31, 2019.
Representation of Wire Rope Producers interests will be taken over by EWRIS e.
V., the European Association.
ifo Business Climate Germany.
Article Download The General Data Protection Requlation enters into force as from May 25, 2018.

Therefore we adapted our Data Privacy Statement accordingly

Borkener Kistenfabrik GmbH has been certified according to ISO 9001: 2015 since August 15th, 2017.

Article Download Congratulations to Dipl.-Ing

Konstantin Kühner and Dipl.-Ing

Martin Wehr Both received a doctor’s degree at IFT Stuttgart recently

Article Download 70 jähriges Jubiläum der Drahtseil-Vereinigung e


Article Download Archive Events

– 27.

November 2020 Shanghai Bauma China

Directions / Link to event 07.
– 11.
December 2020 Düsseldorf wire Düsseldorf.

Directions / Link to event 14

– 16.
April 2021 Innsbruck, Österreich Interalpin Innsbruck.

Directions / Link to event 26

– 29.
August 2021 Luzern, Schweiz Forstmesse Luzern.

Directions / Link to event 04

– 10.
April 2022 München Bauma München.
Directions / Link to event additional events Association.
Wire rope Applications.
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7 april 2020 | Afdeling Commercie

‘t Wereldje.
‘t Wereldje.
Drie vette dronevideo’s van totale leegte.
7 april 2020 | Afdeling Commercie.
De verslavendste mini-game ooit 6 april 2020 | Redactie.
3 opmerkelijke Android smartphones 11 februari 2020 | Redactie.
Bierrobot serveert je bier 4 februari 2020 | Redactie.

Deze apparaten maken je muziekbeleving topnotch

16 januari 2020 | Afdeling Commercie

Laatste artikelen ← Meer artikelen Laatste artikelen.
‘t Wereldje.
De interwebs.
Money maken.
Typisch Draadbreuk.

Gratis Nederland – Polen livestream kijken

3 september 2020 | Redactie Nederland speelt morgenavond een fijn potje voor de Nations League tegen Polen.
Het elftal hoopt te knallen in deze gekke, gekke coronatijden.
Waar kun je de livestream van deze spannende voetbalwedstrijd zien.
Wij checken waar je gratis Nederland – Polen … Lees meer 4 redenen waarom je niet meer zonder bluetooth oordopjes kunt.
17 juli 2020 | Redactie Stiekem vindt Draadbreuk het een beetje gek.
Anno 2020 lopen er nog steeds mensen met bedrade in-ear headphones rond.
En dat terwijl draadloze bluetooth-varianten allang niet meer rete-duur zijn.
Sterker nog: voor een paar een tientjes kun je al uitstekende … Lees meer Oppo, OnePlus en Xiaomi: aangenaam.
5 juni 2020 | Redactie De echte techkenner zal ze ondertussen wel een beetje kennen, maar ben jij eigenlijk een eenvoudige smartphonegebruiker en wil je gewoon een goed apparaat dat werkt, dan kan het maar zo zijn dat je nog nooit van Oppo, OnePlus of … Lees meer Drie lekkere dingen aan de iPhone SE 2.
4 juni 2020 | Redactie Het heeft door de coronacrisis lang geduurd, maar gelukkig is ‘ie er dan toch: de nieuwste iPhone SE.
In dit overzicht geven we vijf features van deze bijzondere telefoon van de mannen en vrouwen uit Cupertino.
Als eerste de … Lees meer Money maken Drie vette dronevideo’s van totale leegte.
7 april 2020 | Afdeling Commercie We zijn geen virologen.
We zijn geen journaliste n met een focus op zorg en welzijn.
Wij gaan niet zeggen of er meer of minder getest gaan worden.
Of dat we gewoon weer lekker naar de kroeg moeten gaan.
Doen we … Lees meer De verslavendste mini-game ooit.
6 april 2020 | Redactie Man, wat is dit absurd verslavend.
Verslavender dan drank.
Verslavender dan vrouwen.

Verslavender dan Crystal Meth gekookt door Breaking Bad’s Walter White

En eigenlijk weet Draadbreuk niet zo goed waarom

Want in feite is de game Cookie Clicker niets meer … Lees meer 3 opmerkelijke Android smartphone s.
11 februari 2020 | Redactie De smartphonemarkt lijkt vaak verzadigd.
Telefoons zijn dun, hebben kleine bezels en zijn negen van de tien keer stijlvol zwartgekleurd.
Gelukkig zijn er altijd merken die iets anders doen.
Hun kop boven het maaiveld uitsteken.
Hier drie voorbeelden van ‘lekker … Lees meer Bierrobot serveert je bier.
4 februari 2020 | Redactie Nooit meer irritante barmannen.
Nooit meer gedoe met wijsneuzen die te lang kletsen over dat ene speciaal biertje wat je echt moet nemen, simpelweg omdat het in de aanbieding is.
De toekomst is hier.
Wij tonen: de … Lees meer Meer artikelen Social media .
NL Kijken.
Nieuwste video.
Een hoedtelevisie, waterbestendige oordopjes en een slimme koe .
Draadbreuk Essentials.
Quiz: wat weet jij over HTC?.
Eredivisie live voetbal kijken, wij wijzen de weg.

5 redenen om de Samsung Galaxy S7 te kopen

#galaxyflip #samsunggalaxyflip #etenwatdepodcast De toekomst van vervoer is hier.
Dit is een @niree Nooit eerder gezien: audio merk #sonoro (@sonoroau Tof of niet.
Deze retro-platenspeler van #soundmas De #Samsung #GalaxyBuds.
Ook wel: het antwoord van Dit ziet eruit als een of andere moeilijke studio Geef me meer.
Volg ons.
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