Jeff Ray is a meteorologist for CBS Dallas- Fortworth

Jeff Ray is a meteorologist for CBS Dallas- Fortworth.
When he’s not reporting about the weather, he is probably spending time with his family and staying devoted to a healthy lifestyle.
Jeff spends time biking, lifting weights and maintaining a healthy diet.
Keep reading our exclusive interview to find out how he stays fit, what inspires him.

And his easy health tips… The great @JeffJamFTW is leaving TV tonight

the 10p show is his last broadcast.

As difficult as it for a Longhorn to say this of an Aggie

there is no one I know of higher character.

One of the best METS in the marketplace

One of my best friends.
I will miss him so.— Jeffrey Ray (@cbs11jeffrey) September 29

2019 HFR: What is your daily exercise and nutrition routine?  Jeff: Take what the day gives you is my mantra.
I’m always pulled off the path: two very active high school boys, a dual-income household, a demanding job with an inconsistent schedule.
My wife and I close the night going over the next day’s schedule, .

The plan ALWAYS includes where our exercise fits in

We can usually get our work out in the early morning before the school routine starts.
Currently, we are working on a 90-day weightlifting program that focuses on a different muscle group each day.
This program covers a 6-day lift week.
My rest day is my long ride on my bike (30-mile minimum) or a big project in the garden.
I bike ride about 20-25 miles two other days a week, usually with my 16-year old who has also started doing endurance events (last August was his 2nd Hotter n’ Hell ride).

My wife is a Chiropractor and nutritionist

she closely monitors our supplements.

She uses mostly Standard Process and evaluates us every 60-90 days

Everyone in our family takes the basics: fish oil, vitamin D, B but also very specific supplements to keep inflammation and mental fatigue at bay.
We keep our diet rather simple; kind of a mashup of Mediterranean and Paleo.
We prepare near all of our meals at home.
The diet that seems to work for us includes four small meals a day (one of them a protein shake).
I keep my calorie intake under 2300 calories a day and drink about 32 ounces of water (usually spiked with lemon juice).
I grow greens and some fruits in my backyard, they take a large role in our diet since I know the source.
I drink a cup of black coffee in the morning and when at work, sip unsweetened hot green tea across the afternoon.
My wife and I have both taken a blood oath to avoid fast food, soda, high sugar foods, .

And processed meats: all that stuff that they percolate American culture

HFR: What keeps you motivated to stay healthy?  Jeff: My job demands higher than normal standards of mental and physical maintenance.
Pride comes into play, .

Working in the public eye on TV exposes you to a judgmental mob

I work in a business that prefers youth.
I find the desire for middle-class life with health insurance ample enough motivation to hold on to it.
Good diet and steady exercise also keep my mood elevated and my thinking crisp; the cornerstone of being a good worker.
Two sons who became fathers and had sons and daughters of their own.
Happy Father’s Day to all that applies to.— Jeffrey Ray (@cbs11jeffrey) June 16

2019 HFR: Do you believe that being fit and healthy has contributed to your successful career?  Jeff: To be honest, it is almost an unspoken rule for on-air folks.
HFR: What inspires you.

In general?  Jeff: I like the quote from George Bush Senior

“Stay as young as you can as long as you can”.
Having two teenage boys is a daily inspiration to keep up the pace.
Being around the younger inspires you not to think like a senior.
Yes, my hair has turned gray (about ten years ago), but the second you act the role society wants to give you, you are doomed.
HFR: What tips would you give your fans and our readers to staying healthy?  Jeff: I’m not so vain to believe I can affect change on anyone.
I will tell you that a bad diet is the source of great unhappiness.
Walk around in America and you can see for yourself how overeating it this country’s great thief of joy.
The majority is overweight.
As Mark Twain said, whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.
HFR: Share something that most people don’t know about you.
Jeff: My ADHD and dyslexia were so bad (and undiagnosed: it was in the ‘60s after all) I honestly have no idea how I got through school.
Both conditions faded by the time I was in my late 20s.
I did all my learning by reading as an adult, I still read about 1-2 hoursevery day.When George Bush Senior (quoted above) left office I left the Party.
I’m in my 60s: all I want to do these days is grow things, make things and love my family.
So I garden, work in my woodshop and go places with my boys that we haven’t seen before.
I’ve never broken a bone or had a significant surgery.
I’ve never taken any medication other than a short period of antibiotics.
I even avoid pain relievers, I believe they cloud your thinking.
I have no desire to retire…ever.
I’ll probably end my career working a drive-thru.